Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Girls in Glasses

I have had glasses since I was eight years old.  This is mostly a product of genetics I'm told, but I was also a reader at a young age, and everyone knows, the more hardcore you are about reading, the stronger your eyeglass prescription!  Thank goodness for technology or my glasses would be three inches thick!

Yes, I'm a glasses girl.  Ever since having Ali, contacts are just not possible.  I picked up one nice set of frames just before I had her, and ouch! Sticker shock big time!  I haven't bought new frames for five years and didn't realize how much prices had increased.  (See this piece from 60 Minutes for the reason why.)

Then I heard about Warby Parker, a mostly online eyewear boutique with great fashions for amazing prices-most glasses are under $100 with lenses!  My husband tried their at-home try on and bought some very dashing frames and now they are rolling out their spring line.  I know that I'll be asking for some Warby Parkers for my birthday!

I have been asked to participate in the unveiling of their spring line, so I immediately started thinking about the glasses in terms of which book characters would wear them.  I think I made some very astute observations, see if you agree.


Meddy/Sirin from Greenglass House and the Brooks frame in Striped Pacific.  I think any inhabitant of a green house needs some green frames.  Plus, this are the perfect gaming glasses for our little
winged girl.

Zuzana from Dreams of Gods and Monsters and the Archie frame in Citron.  I don't know why these frames say "rabid fairy" to me, but they do.  They are slight in size, but big in style, without being the tortoise print that is so common.  I think that Zuzana would seriously rock these.  

Princess Celie from Thursdays with the Crown and the Newton frame in Aurelia Tortoise.  There is something vaguely princess-y about these frames.  They are youthful and different, just like Princess Celie.  I can see her wearing these while running around the castle and chasing after her griffin.  

Every librarian that reads Wild Things:  Acts of Mischief in Children's Literature and the Chalmer frame in Beach Stripe.  Children's librarians need good glasses (case in point-me!).  And for every librarian that is rolling her eyes at another fluffy bunny book, she is doing so behind classic frames like the Chalmer.


Blue from The Raven Boys and the Cass frames in Blue Slate Fade.  Too obvious?  Blue frames for a girl named Blue, who is a little blue because her first kiss will die.  I still think these are a great fit.  They are classic with a twist, and a little moody, like Blue.


Lily from Dash and Lily's Book of Dares and the Carnaby frame in Blue Coral.  Lily is a little youthful, but she wants to be more mature.  I think that these frames capture both.  A classic style with a playful twist, just like Lily.


Miss Tiff and the Daisy frame in Aurelia Tortoise.  I know I already mentioned this pattern, but I love it.  And here's a recent glasses-less pic of me so you can imagine the look.  Plus, this way you also get to see that baby of mine.  She's just too big!

And come to think of it, Ali will need glasses soon too.  With both parents rocking frames, she'll need them eventually, so let's envision her in something old-school like the Arthur frame.  She would be a very hipster baby in those!  

That's my take on the new spring line from Warby Parker.  What do you think?  Do you ever imagine what book characters would wear in real life?  Maybe it's only me that walks through stores thinking "That's a perfect Katniss shirt", or "Those boots were made for Karou".  Sometimes it's fun to bring your favorite characters closer to life with these types of details.  And it can be a great way to remind yourself of your favorite story.

Happy Reading (Glasses)!

Disclaimer:  I was contacted by Warby Parker to promote their spring line, but all opinions are my own.  Pictures of the glasses were supplied by Warby Parker, but the baby was supplied by me!

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