Monday, July 14, 2014

Itty Bitty Cubbie Bear

I've told the story before about my conversion to the Cubs.  Love will make you do crazy things!  Even crazier, we are going to raise our little Alice Rose a Cubs fan.  There are many good reasons for this.

1.  It's family tradition.  Doug's 100 year old grandmother (yep, Wrigley and Grandma Erickson hit the century mark in the same year) is a big Cubs fan, so you have to uphold the tradition.  In fact, his whole family are such big Cubs fans that they nearly hit the roof to see me in my Cubs maternity tee this summer.  It's very easy to fit in with the Ericksons-just be a Cubs fan.

2.  Being a Cubs fan is the ultimate show of humility.  Rarely is the team in the off-season, and even when they are, it's short-lived.  There's nothing wrong with being the underdog, but when you're the constant underdog, you have to be humble.

3.  Cubs fans are in it for the experience.  There's really something to be said for being a Wrigley fan.  Going to a Cubs game is not all about winning or losing, it's about going to the ballpark, having a good time, watching some baseball.  It's about more than the game.

The little bear above is modeling the Cubs apparel that we have so far-just a sun hat and bib.  I didn't want to spend a ton of money of Cubbie bear clothes since Ali will be a late-July baby, and likely won't get in on much of the season.  My hubby can't wait to take her to her first game though-likely next year already if he gets his way.

While I'm trying to reign myself in and not buy too many clothes and toys for Ali, it's a little difficult when you start seeing all of the darling stuff out there!  Here's my round-up of too cute baby stuff from Fanatics, a great website for all things sport.

I love this Cubs dress!  It's very team oriented without being too much.  The same can be said for the Cubs creeper featuring the little necklaces--it's girly without being pink!  And speaking of necklaces, they make Cubs chew beads!  Perfect for this little mama who plans to wear her baby.  (Wonder if they make Cubs sling wraps?  That may just be an untapped market!).  Finally, who doesn't love a Cubs lovie?  I am in favor of lovies in all varieties, but this one is extra special.

Who knows what type of Cubbie Bear Ali will be?  Maybe a little girl that only has a passing interest, or maybe baseball won't be her thing at all.  Although, I bet she comes to love watching the games with her daddy.  Let's just hope my hubby can tone down the commentary when she's around.

How do you pass the fandom along?  Let me know!

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