Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Lunar Chronicles Shorts

Marissa Meyer has so far released four short stories set in relation to the Lunar Chronicles.  Technically, Fairest is also a short story, but it was a short story that spun out of control and resulted in another book.  An excellent book that I'll discuss tomorrow.  But first, the shorts.

In Glitches, we follow Cinder as she arrives at Garan's home and meets his family, what is intended to be her family.  Instantly sweet Peony is a friend to her, but Pearl and Adri are harsh.  Cinder tries to make herself useful to the family but seems to fail every time and Adri is determined to make her feel unwelcome.  

In The Queen's Army, Z, a boy of around 12, is selected for the Queen's army and is taken from his home in the middle of the night.  He tries to be brave because this is an honor, but going to the testing grounds sounds terrible.  It is indeed.  Z is turned into a wolf solider, like those featured in Scarlet.  What might be worse than his treatment is his brother's treatment when he joins the pack some years later.  

The Little Android is different from the others in that it's a story that takes place in the Lunar Chronicles universe, but does not effect any of the other stories.  But honestly, it might be my favorite.  A mech droid who works on ships and should have no feeling what so ever, falls in love with a mechanic named Dataran after saving his life.  After hearing that she will be scrapped for having a glitch that makes her feel human, she runs away and encounters Cinder, who takes pity on her and gives her an old escort droid body.  Mech then goes back to the shipyard to be close to Dataran, but he is already falling in love with Miko, the daughter of the ship's owner.  Miko is holding a terrible secret, one that Mech can understand, and both love Dataran so much, that one makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Finally, Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky features everyone's favorite captain at 13-still running the ladies wild, and driving the men crazy with his slickness.  Carswell wants to escape his parents perfectly manicured world and be useful, so he's running several scams in order to save enough money to buy a Rampion ship and take off on his own, but he doesn't expect to start caring for a girl that he is trying to scam.  Especially not one as plain as Kate Fallow.

I'm not a big fan fiction person, but this isn't fan fiction necessarily, it's extra content.  However, Marissa Meyer got her start writing fan fiction, so there is something to writing fan fic.  I didn't realize how much I enjoyed being in this world until I read these stories.  I started to really miss the characters, because each of these stories is only enough to give you a taste.  It's only enough to make you really long for the release of Winter.  Again, The Little Android was my favorite, but the Little Mermaid has always been my favorite fairy tale, even with the tragic HCA ending.  The Carswell story did make me laugh.  His character really comes off the page.  

To read these stories, head over to Marissa Meyer's Wattpad page.  You will have to sign up for Wattpad (which is free) in order to read them all.  Then, to read the Carswell story, you'll have to sign up for Meyer's fan club.  Which only made me realize I should have done that ages ago!  

Tomorrow, I'll post about Fairest.  Until then, catch up on your short stories!

Happy Reading!

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