Thursday, June 4, 2015

Whomp Whomp: An Every Day in May Update

I knew vacation would be the end of me!  I fell short of posting every day in May by 4 posts!  All while on vacation.  I did manage to post twice from a hotel room in Oklahoma City while rains pounded outside, but after that I was having entirely too much fun to think about this little blog.  But 27 posts in 28 days is pretty great, and when you think about it, I got an 87% for the month.  I'll take a B on this assignment.  And with the curve, I'm way over an A.

My other social media offerings were not as successful.  Instagram, which should have been a no-brainer during vacation, went completely silent.  Twitter is still dead to me.  I think I should just delete my twitter profile.  I just don't get it and don't have time or desire to learn.

Even though I didn't post at all while on vacation, thus ruining my Every Day in May resolution, I did something even more important, I unplugged.  I'm not a big social media girl on the best day, obviously, but even so, it's nice to not check email, not peek at Facebook, let you phone sit untouched for hours on end.  I barely managed to keep the thing charged because I paid so little attention to it.  But I did play with Ali, take long walks, get a much needed massage, and see some family that I never see.  And it was much better without a phone in my hands. 

So while I failed (but a B is not failing!) I enjoyed this past month.  It's shown me that I can be social and active online but that it's better to be social and active in the real world.  That's a lesson we should all learn!

Look for more posts to come, including a wrap-up of our road-trip vacation, summer reading plans, and VBS updates!

Happy Reading

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