Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 Things: Sleep

5 Things to Brighten Your Day
Despite the BS that May Get in Your Way

1. Little baby Alice slept 9 hours last night.  9 HOURS!  She's such a big girl, and I got to sleep too.

2.  The weather has turned very chilly, very quickly, so I'm excited to get out my trusty hat, gloves, and scarf.  So thankful that I can be warm on a cold day.

3.  But cold weather didn't stop me from wearing a skirt to work!  Paired with fleece lined tights, it's just as warm as pants and twice as stylish.  Looking good makes you feel good.

4.  I have my first cup of hot chocolate of the season and it was wonderful.

5.  Lunch with two of my favorites today-my hubby and my puppy.  It's good to carve out some time for my other family members during the day.

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