Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playing Hooky!

Yesterday, I received a gift from the procrastination gods-a half day off!  There was some work being done on the water lines in my office building and there was an unplanned water outage to the whole building-not just one floor as planned.

So, armed with four hours of free time, I went home, grabbed a book and headed to the deck.  You didn't think I'd do housework or Pintertest projects when I had a beautiful afternoon off, did you?  Nope, I sat outside in the sunshine and read with the dog.  I read Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen and Lucy read Crime and Punishment.  Just kidding, she's more of a John Irving fan.

I managed to finish off Someone Like You, take a little nap with the dog, and then get in a nice long walk with Lucy leading the way.  By the time my hubby came home, he had two sleepy girls on his hands, and veggie pizza to eat!  All in all, a great unexpected treat.

What would you do with four hours of unexpected free time?  I highly suggest chilling out with a book, so something else that you find enjoyable.  And if you can't wait for a review of Someone Like You, find mr on Good Reads!

And if you are one of the thousands of hopeless Pinterest addicts like me, then follow me on Pinterest.  Just search for Tiffany Lynn.  If I pin anymore, I'll have to change the name of my blog to Miss Tiff Pins!

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