Thursday, February 28, 2013


Callie is a 7th grade drama student, but she's not in the play, she's part of the stage crew.  While other students are learning lines and performing songs, Callie is trying to make a fake cannon fire, and struggling with her many crushes.  First it's Greg, her friend Matt's older brother, then it's two cute twin brothers, Justin and Jesse.  All the while, the show must go on and Callie balances her budding love life, or at least flirtation, with the demands of a large scale musical.

On one hand, I really enjoyed this book.  Telgemeier might turn me into a graphic novel fan yet.  But on the other hand, the characters read way too old to me.  This is 7th and 8th grade we're talking about, yet they were constantly talking about graduation (from 8th grade) and running this musical, which seemed quite outlandish for a middle school play.  But, I would think that middle school readers would enjoy reading about characters that seem to have some freedom and independence.  The whole thing seems rather glamourous, really.  

Callie was a great character.  She's awkward at points, but driven and focused on the play, and you get a nice backstory explaining why she prefers the background.  Justin and Jesse were interesting characters because they did get a little more freedom from their father by the end of the book, which is was a step in the right direction.  Their sexuality is a plot point, and some readers will embrace that, while others balk, but I thought the whole subject was treated very well.  

All in all, I thought Drama captured what middle school readers would want their school play experience to be.  

Happy Reading!

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