Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee

Now that Dwight is at Tippet Academy, McQuarrie Middle School is without their favorite jedi, but Sara has a way to fix that with Fortune Wookiee.  Now students consult the Fortune Wookiee, who is then translated by Hans Foldo.  But Principal Rabinski will have none of it and has banned origami at school, except in the library (gotta love those librarians!).  Meanwhile, Dwight is acting strange, and by strange, I mean normal.  His friend Caroline begs the students at McQuarrie Middle School to help make Dwight normal again, and by normal I mean strange.  The action really intensifies in the the latest Origami Yoda book.

While this book has everything that the previous books had-humor, heart, and sneaky lessons-I really thought that this one went a little farther.  There were more super-secret stories in this case file, what with Remi, Kellen, Rhonadella love triangle.  Plus I loved the ethical dilemma between Tommy and Harvey about whether they did the right thing for Dwight.  He seemed to fit in at his new school and he wasn't getting into trouble, but he wasn't Dwight anymore.  That's some deep stuff.

Also, the ending is great cliffhanger for the next volume in the series.  I'm hooked.  And did anyone else out there immediately start thinking about Common Core standards when you read that last chapter?  I think our own students might need an Origami Yoda.

I've been blown away by this series.  I remember purchasing the first one when I was still a working librarian and thinking it looked like an odd little book.  It's definitely an odd little book, but it has such heart that I can't resist.  Plus, I actually told my husband that reading these books has made me want to watch Star Wars.  That's just music to my hubby's ears!  Maybe this weekend while we're digging out from two major snowfalls in one week.

Yep, two big snows, one long week.  And I even had a snow day yesterday and I didn't post.  Mostly because on snow days I nap, read, drink hot chocolate, shovel the drive, and repeat.  Not a lot of screen time for me!  Judging by the forecast, I better put together a snow day reading list, because we're in for more snowy days.

Happy Reading!

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