Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Out of the Office

Sorry about the last couple days.  I was out and about and not tethered to my computer.  It was bliss!  I know that your normally get an "out of the office" message before someone takes off, but please accept my late notice.  

My hubby and I were actually traveling with the WIU Women's Basketball Team as honorary coaches. It was a pretty good time and the women even beat the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee team in an exciting game.  It's a lot more intense to watch from the bench!  Plus, the team is really great and they were very kind.  Doug even got to shoot with them at practice and made quite a few clutch 3's.  

And now it's back to reality and back to my working shelf, which you see above.  That's the physical working shelf.  There is also an "Unread" category on my Kindle which grows every time I turn around, and my growing Goodreads To-Read list, and my Caudill list, which I haven't start yet, but I at least have a game plan.  More on that tomorrow.

What have you been working on?  Reading, vacationing, lawn maintenance?  No, I haven't been paying any attention to that last one either.  I suppose I could listen to an audiobook while raking leaves, but that just sounds terrible!

Happy Reading!

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