Monday, December 16, 2013

Also Known As Spy Team!!

Sorry I've been so MIA lately, but I've been running a covert mission in Paraguay for the Collective.  If I tell you anymore, black helicopters are likely to rain down on your house and your internet provider is likely to cut your connection, so let's just leave it at that.

Actually, that's not true at all.  But I have become a member of the Also Known As Spy Team, which is almost just as good! (Except that they're not giving me assignments in lovely warm climates, and I don't get to run around wearing a black jumpsuit while cracking safes.)  What I do get is exclusive access to the second book in the AKA series, Going Rogue, and a sneak peek at a bridge story.  It's good to be a children's book reviewer!  

But I didn't forget about you!  You get to read an excerpt of Going Rogue right now!  Plus an excerpt of Also Known As, in case you need to catch up.  

Let's chat for a second about Also Known As.  You may remember that I reviewed it here, and it's a great story for fans of Ally Carter's books and budding detectives everywhere.  Maggie is just an ordinary teenage spy that is an excellent safe cracker, but she gets an assignment at a New York prep school and suddenly she has to be something she's never had to be before:  normal.  Luckily she makes friends with prickly Roux who at least helps her somewhat navigate high school, and she has her parents and mysteriously dapper Angelo to guide her as well.  Maggie is adorably awkward and highly relatable so readers should have no problem picking up her next adventure.  

The best news is that this book comes out in just a month.  January 14 to be exact, so I'll have my review for you a couple of days early, then you can run out and get your copy that day.  It feels so great to get a sequel without the year long wait, don't you think?  

What are you waiting for?  Read those excerpts, finish Also Known As, and get ready for another adventure with Maggie!

Happy Reading!

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