Monday, December 23, 2013

Country Christmas Tree

Despite my complete inability to post with regularity this month, I did actually get some stuff done, like putting up Christmas decorations.  The layout of our house doesn't lend itself to putting a proper tree on the main floor.  Instead, we have our big tree in the basement by the fireplace.  So last year, I picked up a shabby tree from Farm King.  

**Let's take a minute to realize that I live in such a rural area that there is actually a store called "Farm King" in my town.  It is a great store-you can even take your dog in, so Lucy goes occasionally and gets treats from the cashiers, but this is all beside the point.

Shabby Christmas tree from Farm King.  I sat this little beauty on a milk crate, and covered it with an old curtain to further drive home the shabby point.  Then, I decorated it with most of my country ornaments.  Now for a closer look.

Doug bought me this cowgirl when we were dating.  He thinks of my as his little country girl.  And I am, although horses are entirely not my thing.  I still love it though.

This shows off a couple of ornaments, but mostly the Country Skyscraper that my friend Sara bought me years ago.  I love it!  And the hand-colored gingerbread man in the corner is a present from my nephew Anthony.  All three of his creations are on this tree.

Finally, this lovely nativity scene ornament from my mom.  It's not so country, but I have enough nativity ornaments that I can divide them between two trees.  And it's pretty.

The funniest thing about this tree is that it's in what has become Lucy's pouting spot.  It's right in the little nook between the wall and the buffet, and this fall, Lucy has started sitting there while Doug and I have dinner.  She just stares at us and begs for food.  With the tree there now, she's a little lost and she'll sit right under it.  I keep saying that if we just put a bow on her, she'd be the perfect little christmas present.  I'll have to try to snap a picture of that tonight.  

What about you?  One tree, two, more?  Any book themed trees out there?  I have to admit to owning quite a few Dr. Seuss ornaments, but they were all gifts from friends.  

Merry Christmas!

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