Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trust Me, I'm a Professional

Look at those lovely books!  Don't look at the old clock radio, just the books.  Guess where I got those books?  Booklist magazine!  Guess why?  Because I'm a reviewer for Booklist!!

It all started back in August when I was reading a Booklist email newsletter.  They said they were looking for children's and YA reviewers.  And I thought to myself, I'm a children's and YA reviewer!  I sent off my resume and a couple review samples and hoped for the best.  Then I waited.  And waited.  I thought that they were probably looking for working librarians (which I am a working librarian, I'm just not working as a librarian).  And I waited some more.

Finally in October I heard back that I had been accepted as a Booklist reviewer!  Cue the screaming!  I review 6-8 books per month and get paid per book (not a lot, but I'm actually getting paid to read, so even a little is amazing!).  So far most of my books have been picture books, but you can tell from the picture above that I scored some chapter books and let me just tell you The Tyrant's Daughter is incredible.  

It's so wonderful knowing that librarians all over the country are reading my reviews and using them for book selection and collection development.  It's actually a lot of pressure.  I know when I was buying books that I had a close relationship with some reviewers-meaning that I didn't know them, but I trusted them completely.  On the flip side, I hated some reviewers and deliberately snubbed books they liked and bought books they didn't.  I could become someone's trusted source for book opinions!  Or, I could become someone's book archenemy, like an evil book pusher that wears a crimson cape forcing librarians to buy heavy-handed, poorly written historical fiction.  I think all this power could be going to my head.  I must remember to use my powers for good!

Plus, getting this package of books twice a month means that I have Christmas 24 times a year!  Plus, with this influx of books, I'm stockpiling for future littles, hooking up my nephew, and giving more books as gifts.  Everyone wins!

Okay, this might be a little why I've been neglecting the blog a little.  I'm reading for Booklist and I don't have as much free reading time.  And my reviews are the property of Booklist, so I don't feel right reviewing them here too.  But I'll try to do better as the weeks go on and get back to getting you reviews of all the random and fun things that I like to read.

Check out a couple of my reviews on Booklist that are available for free:

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Happy Reading!

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