Wednesday, February 19, 2014

100 Hungry Monkeys!

100 Hungry Monkeys!
By Masayuki Sebe
Kids Can Press, 2014
Reviewed from NetGalley
Audience:  Preschool to Grade 2
ISBN:  9781771380454
Publication Date:  March 1, 2014

It's lunchtime, but there's no food!  One hundred hungry monkeys set off to find something good to eat, but encounter a bigger adventure along the way.  The book ends happily enough with 100, or maybe 99, sleepy monkeys with a new friend, all dreaming of tomorrow.  This combination storybook and hidden picture book is sure to please individual readers.

I say that this is for individual readers, or a reader and parent, because there is just too much going on to share during a story time.  At first, I tried to read the "plot" and all the monkey's jibber-jabber, but it got to be too much.  On each spread, the reader is invited to find certain items, and particular monkeys, like the strongest monkey or sleeping monkey.  I would recommend that after reading the main story, go back and read all the monkey dialogue and look for the missing objects.  Just remember, no circling the answers if you are reading from a library book!  Maybe use sticky tabs instead.  

Any reader that is crazy about monkeys will love finding the hidden objects and seeing all the trouble these monkeys make.

Happy Reading!

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