Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Blues

My central Illinois town is digging out from our fourth major snow storm this year.  Add to that sub-zero temperatures and you have some pretty miserable conditions.  And if school's call off anymore, I'm convinced they should just turn the kids loose and make them repeat a grade come August.  Let's just say that Illinois is lousy with snow right now.

Which got me thinking to one of my favorite Harry Bliss cartoons.  However, it's a little too much for this blog, so, if you're interested, click here to be redirected to his site and view it there.  But while I was searching for that cartoon, I came across another that is almost as good:

Click here to see this cartoon on Harry's website.  Yes, how does one look sexy in this weather without losing a limb to frostbite?  The world may never know.

If you're looking for something, anything, to brighten your ice cold day, check out the daily cartoon collection at Harry Bliss.  You'll be glad you did!

Happy Reading!

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