Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Well, that was a bad idea

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor will be released on April 8.  There are several wonderful and beautiful things about April 8.  One, Dreams of Gods and Monsters will be released that day (I can't say that often enough).  Two, with any luck, it will be spring-ish by that time and that will make me very happy.  Three, I will have been married for five years by then! (What?!  That's a post in the making.)  Finally, the previous week will have been crazy busy for me at work, so April 8 is my reward for all of the long hours, maybe I'll just take it off entirely.

But April 8 is still six weeks away.  Six Weeks!  Six weeks until it's properly spring (hopefully), I've hit a marriage milestone, my big work events are finished, and six weeks until Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor is released!

And just today I found out that you can read the first two chapters at Entertainment Weekly.  I check it out even though I knew I would regret reading those two chapters because I would still have six more weeks to wait until I could get the whole story.  It's like that rare 50 degree day you get before getting six more weeks of 20 degree temperatures.  (Can you tell my life is being ruined by weather right now?)

Here's what amazing about this book:  It doesn't open with Karou or Akiva or Zuzana or any seraphim or chimera.  It opens with Eliza.  Who's Eliza?  I don't know!  But she's important, or will be over the course of the story.  Those two chapters raise so many questions and don't do a thing to check in on the biggest characters in the series.  Well played, Laini.  

For anyone out there that is just a glutton for punishment, go read the first two chapters.  You'll regret it, but in a good way.  In a this-is-going-to-be-incredible-but-I'll-just-have-to-wait kind of way.  Or, if you're the kinda person that hates spoilers and just wants to devour the book all at once, then wait until April 8.  Either way, you'll love the newest Daughter of Smoke and Bone book.

Happy Reading!

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