Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Series to Notice: Boris

Boris on the Move
ISBN:  9780545484428

Boris Gets a Lizard
ISBN:  9780545484476

by Andrew Joyner
Scholastic, 2013
Format:  Early Reader
Grades K to 2

Boris is a warthog that lives with his parents in a bus by the bay (not to be confused with a van down by the river).  He is a happy warthog with big dreams and goals.  In his first adventure, he wants to travel like he parents used to when they were young, so when he feels his bus/home moving, he's very excited.  But when he finds out that they are just going a few minutes away, he forgets that you can have an adventure anywhere.

Next, Boris brags to his whole class that he is getting a lizard, specifically a Komono Dragon with poisonous spit.  Of course this doesn't happen, even though he asks the zoo very nicely to let the lizard vacation at his home, but he comes up with a great solution.

Add Boris to the growing list of early readers that make me smile!  The action is simple, the pictures are delightful, and Boris is just a likable kid, or warthog.  My favorite thing about Boris is that in every book introduction it lists his favorite things, including his favorite book (this week).  I can relate to a character that picks a new favorite as often as that!

Again, this is an easy chapter book, perfect for confidence building in newly independent readers.  It just reads like a fun book.  This series does not have any kind of lame disclaimer about controlled vocabulary or a doctor of some sort promoting the educational value of the message provided in the text.  This is a book that will teach children that reading independently is fun!  What a crazy idea!  Also, who do I write to make this a Monarch nominee for next year?  I'm going to start that campaign right now!

I discovered Boris from the lovely Cinjoella, and I'm glad I did.  Quick and funny early chapter books like this are the perfect palate cleanser from dark YA or saucy New Adult fiction.

Give Boris to any new reader you know that has dreams as big as the moon!

Happy Reading!

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