Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sign Me Up!

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month!  Better yet, this year's ambassador is Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls.  If you're not a Bulls fan that might not be exciting for you, but it's pretty cool to me.  I love the idea of showing readers that a successful and generous athlete is also a library user.  I have to think that Chicago kids are pretty impressed by this.

Personally, I've had a library card as long as I can remember.  It all started with a kid's card at my local library that allowed me to check out just a few books at a time, but I loved it!  I always completed summer reading and I checked out books from my school library too.

Then, I grew up and worked at that library, and again, I loved it!  I maybe didn't love the Saturday mornings, but it lead me to my career.  Even as a single girl, living in my first apartment, I always had a stack of library books going.  And even working as a librarian, that library card was pretty important so I could check out from not only my library, but surrounding libraries as well.

Now that we live in a tiny, small town, I still have my library card.  Lucky for me they are very good at inter-library loan because I do have some strange requests.  I just picked up four ILL books yesterday in fact, two Bluestems and a couple Wendy Mass books, all courtesy of my library card.

But libraries are more than books!  It's music and movies and programming and computer access and a public space that makes learning possible for the whole community!  Love your library, love your library card.

Show off your card!  And if you don't have one, go get one!  It's FREE!  No kidding.  Where else can you get a free card that will allow you to be entertained and educated to your heart's content?

Happy Reading!

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