Thursday, September 26, 2013

Katie Woo Rules the School

Katie Woo Rules the School
by Fran Manushkin
Capstone, 2012
Format:  Beginning Chapter Book
Audience:  Grades K to 2
ISBN:  9781404879089
Publication Date:  August 2012

Katie Woo might seem like a normal student, but she is actually pretty extraordinary.  She can become the star of the show dressed as a worm, smile her way through an annoying bully's taunts, keep the class pet safe and happy, and tell the truth when it might be easier to lie.  Katie is a energetic and spunky character that is sure to please many readers.

This collection of previously published stories makes a greater beginning chapter book.  The text is simple but entertaining and there are just enough pictures to keep a reader's interest without competing with the text.  From what I can tell, Capstone is trying to reinvent Katie Woo as a beginning chapter book and take her out of the Early Reader zone.  

Which begs the question, where would you shelve Katie Woo?  I would say that her stories are a little longer than Bink and Gollie, but the tone of the books are similar.  It also reminded me of Mercy Watson as far as length.  Where do you put those books that hug the line between Early Reader and Chapter Book?  Shorter chapter books seem to get swallowed up in the Juvenile Fiction section, but they seem too grown-up for the Early Readers.  I think that a Beginning Chapter book display or book list would be a great way to promote these great books that can sometimes be overlooked.

But don't overlook Katie Woo!  She's fun, relatable, and sure to attract fans.

Happy Reading

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