Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever

I used to hate easy reader books.  There were some gems like Amelia Bedelia, and Frog and Toad, but so much of it just seems so marginal and drab.  Beginning reader books are when you start to get children excited about reading, not turn them off completely because there is no plot or point in a book. But now is the golden age of beginning reader books, with Elephant and Piggie, Mercy Watson, and these girls, Bink and Gollie.

In this set of three short adventures, Gollie discovers she is related to royalty and goes out to see her kingdom, but learns that even queens need a friend.  Then, Bink tries to become taller with a crazy looking contraption that ends up adorning the ceiling of her home.  And finally, the girls want to start a record breaking collection, but they end up realizing that they are already winners.

Bink and Gollie work well together since Gollie is mature and sensible, while Bink is fun and carefree. I love Bink's determination to be taller, and her intensity as she fixes the stretching machine-the look on her face in that illustration is too much.  The illustrations are great because the characters really stand out against the black and white background, and all of the little details that should be noticed are in color.  Not only does the simple text teach children to read, but this book also helps teach children to read the pictures.

This is a great read aloud, since the characters are so expressive.  It would be wonderful for one-on-one reading, but the small format makes it a little difficult for large groups.  Considering that some of my storytimes were only 5-10 kids, I'd still try one of the stories in a program.  And I can just hear a young reader making their way through this book, and it makes me smile.

Personally, I'm a Gollie.  I'm sensible but I have s whimsical streak, I'm proper at times, but silly at others, and I love my friends.  I think that most readers can see themselves in Bink and Gollie and would love to be part of their little world.  I know that I want to shop at Eccles Empire of Enchantment.

Share this book with any new reader and watch them become enchanted.

Happy Reading!

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