Thursday, March 21, 2013

NCAA Balloon Wall, Part II

I'm not sure if it was a flaw in the design or execution, but our NCAA Balloon Wall now looks like a balloon waterfall.  I even reinforced it with more tape the other day, but as you can see, that didn't do much.  I still plan on popping balloons as we go, and maybe after enough are popped, we can tape them back up.

Also, I don't know if this is indicative of anything, but the Louisville balloon is flat.  It looked great when we put it up, but the next day, it looked pretty pathetic.  Again, I'm not saying that means anything, but I personally do not have Louisville making it past the second round.  

I wanted to scan in my bracket because it's rather funny, but I think my hubby already took it to put in his office pool.  I have confidence in my NCAA Championship Pick, but the rest of the field might be a little weird.  Basically, I look at the teams, make a quick decision, and write it down.  There is no time for second thoughts.  So you end up with some weird match-ups, like Missouri beating Louisville in the second round, and I think picked Nova for a pretty big upset too.  I kinda panicked when I ended up with Illinois playing Marquette, but I went with my guy even though it meant betraying my team.  And my championship pick:  Michigan State!  Gotta love the Big Ten!  

In other news, Lucy is becoming quite the literary critic.  Her feelings toward The Art of Fielding are vicious.  She tore that book apart.  And I know that she looks remorseful, but trust me, she's only sorry that she got caught!

What teams are on your NCAA Finals List?  Has your dog eaten any NYT Bestsellers lately?

Happy Reading!

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