Friday, March 15, 2013

Organized Mess

I haven't shared a little slice of life lately.  Mostly because my life has been work, reading, and housecleaning, and really, reading is definitely the most interesting thing there.

If I had to describe my life right this second, which I do or else I'll have nothing to post today, I would say it is an organized mess.  That's right.  From the outside it looks great, but for the love, don't open the closet!

I say from the outside, but I don't mean the outside of my house.  Please ignore the outside of my house.  Spring is coming and I have no idea what mess of plants and bushes I am left with after "weeding" last fall and all the snow this winter.  I keep telling Doug we should just cover it all in rock, but he keeps talking about "code violations" and other nonsense.  He also won't let me put down astroturf, although if it's good enough for Memorial Stadium, how it is not good enough for us?

You would think that I would be all about the organization since I'm a type A librarian/secretary with tendencies toward perfectionism, but it's exhausting keeping track of everything.  Like my house, it's deceptively clean.  Meaning, looks good, recently dusted, floors look nice, but there are the wispy little cobwebs on the ceiling that I forget to snag.  Or work stuff.  I can stay on top of several professors and a dwindling budget, by cut me some slack on the lab demands that change every week.  Even this blog sometimes.  I feel like there is more cool stuff I could share if only I know how to take and edit amazing pictures, and actually knew how to write code and stuff.

And because I want everything I do to be a 10, I get overwhelmed and overcritical and end up giving myself a 5 on everything.

That's why I say my life is an organized mess.  I'm rocking some big time 5's in terms of effort right now, but my 5 might be someone else's 8, even 9.  I'm sure there are those that think my 5 effort seems like their 2 effort, and those people can just go away, thank you.  But honestly, I look around at my house, my job, my budget, my blog, and everything and think, I'm doing okay.  I'm keeping up.  I'm not setting the pace, but I'm not falling behind.  It's an organized mess, but at least it's sorta organized.

Like today.  I missed an order and got myself all anxious over it-mess.  But I called the company and it looks like, fingers crossed, it will be delivered by Monday-organized.

Or, we've been eating out a ton lately-not healthy, not cheap-mess.  But I have a great menu of easy recipes ready for this weekend, and grilling season is just around the corner-organized!

And, I had nothing to talk about today-mess.  But then I decided to talk about what a mess I am-organized!  It all works out!  It's called coming full circle.

Basically I am saying that if you feel like little picky things are getting away from you, that's probably true, but all you can do is move on and try to fix it.  It might mean some apologies for late deliveries, or frozen pizza for dinner, but that's fine.  We all have to cut ourselves a little slack from time to time, especially if my cleaning is infringing on my reading time.  I'm looking at you, stupid wispy cobwebs!  You're the reason I won't finish my book club book.

So, it's okay to screwup every now and then.  Fix it, apologize, and move on.  Hopefully to a new fun book!

Happy Reading!

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