Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness!

What did you do last night?  I blew up 64 balloons and strung them up on the wall in celebration of the NCAA tournament!

Here's how this whole idea started.

A local bar set up a balloon bracket and we loved it!  So now that Bar Erickson is up and running, we decided to do the same thing.  It worked out great because not only could we invite our friends over to watch the selection show, but it was also St. Patrick's Day, so we could wear green, listen to some Flogging Molly, and eat delicious Guinness Pudding compliments of Sarah.  Plus, my friend Mimi threw a huge birthday party for her husband, Jordon on Saturday so we noshed on leftovers all night. 

So at this birthday party, Doug and I go around casually inviting everyone to hang out, but I guess I forgot to tell them about the balloons because when our friends walked in the basement to see hampers full of balloons they were a little shocked. 

I wish I had an action shot of the stringing process because it got a little involved.  At first we were going to tape them with blue painters tape, but that didn't work.  Then Mike had the bright idea to string them like popcorn on a Christmas tree.  Done!  After painstakingly threading a needle, we rolled out a long length of yarn to string.  From there Doug called the teams, Sarah found the correct team color and wrote the name, Mike strung the balloon, and I threaded it down to Rusty who was at the end of the yarn, lining up the balloons.  And we all tried to keep Lucy from eating the balloons.  We might have been overthinking it at that point.  

Since I had a multi-colored pack of balloons, we were left with many pink ones, so our least favorite teams (I'm looking at you, Notre Dame) were shamed with pink!  Otherwise we tried to match team and balloon color, except toward the end--we have a row of blue and green.

I think that I am more excited about the balloon wall than the tournament, but I've printed my bracket and I'm ready to make predictions!  

Pick your team.  Are you a Zags fan?  How about Marquette?  Or are you trying to teach your dog to bark I-N-I to your I-L-L?  Let me know!

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