Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Librarian Fashion

I was feeling very uninspired today.  I haven't finished Eleanor and Park yet, and it's being snowing since 1997 (or at least it feels that way) and I was at a loss.

Enter Pinterest.

I needed something to talk about and where better to find strange topics of conversation than Pinterest!  One quick search for Librarian Fashion and WHAM-results.  It's all about the search terms, people.

My find was Librarian Wardrobe, a fun little site of self-submitted outfits from working librarians.  We are a varied and strange bunch, so some of these posts make me swoon, some make me very jealous, some make me say "yep, that's me" and some make me cringe, and cry, and want to beg them never to wear such an embarrassing outfit every again because you are giving all librarians a bad name!!

Honestly, I stick pretty close to my wardrobe of dress pants, lightweight sweaters, and ballet flats.  I do love heels but my hubby is only 2 inches taller than me on a good day and while he doesn't mind my high heels for special occasions, on a daily basis he would prefer that we be more equal, and I have to say that my feet and joints thank him.

My librarian style is pretty simple and mainstream.  I rarely dress up in costume and the closest that I dare come to a holiday sweater are Old Navy holiday tees worn on the day of the holiday or program under a cute cardigan with some fun jewelry.

Oh, and cardigans, I have to own at least 20.  It's a sickness!

I would totally say that my style is librariany, but not washed up, simple but not plain, and fun but not wacky.

What's your style?

Happy Reading!

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