Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Rag Wreath

I think that I might be to blame for the wintery weather because I have had the same winter wreath on my front door since November.  But it's so pretty!  I had been planning on making a Spring Rag Wreath for a while now, and since my plans changed this weekend due to an upcoming snowstorm, I thought this was the perfect time to try it out, and see if I could stop Winter Storm Virgil in his tracks!

First of all, let me direct you to the original inspiration for this wreath:  A Beautiful Mess blog.  Check out their pretty autumn wreath.  As you will see, their wreath is much less orderly, but let's face it, I'm all about the order and organization, so it's no wonder that my messy wreath turned out pretty orderly.

Let's talk about the process!

Grab your supplies: fabric, an old wire hanger, scissors, tape measure or ruler, and pilers.  

(Yes, I have pink tools.  I have a whole pink tool set.  This was necessary because my hubby kept stealing my tools and I couldn't find them when I needed them, so I bought pink ones.  Now, if I see a pink hammer or screwdriver in the garage, someone is in big trouble!)

Then, unwrap your hanger, and bend it to your will!  Try for something circle-like.  This part is not fun, at least not for me.  It's difficult, but I think that did a reasonably good job at making a circle, so moving on.

Next you cut your fabric strips.  I used fabric from a bundle, so all of the colors coordinated and looked lovely together.  Even better, it was still all folded up with those little fold lines, so that's actually how I cut my strips.  I just cut down out the sections along the fold lines, and then cut each section into 1/4ths.  My strips are about 9 inches long, and maybe an inch wide (I'm terrible at judging distance and size).  My wreath frame is pretty large, so it worked for me, but if you are using a smaller wreath frame, your strips will naturally need to be smaller.

Then, start tying!  Just tie your fabric strips along the frame.  It's that easy.  Now, like I said, I'm all about the order, so I put my fabric on in a pattern and made sure that the knots where all tied the same way, because I'm weird like that.  For a fuller wreath you'll want to use different types of fabric and ribbons and tie them on more chaotically.  But like I said, I'm about the order, so I like it.

Finally, I added a fun little accent.  I had this E sitting around for a while, but it was black and I wanted it to blend with the greens and browns better, so I gave it a quick shot of metallic, oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.  When I showed my hubs the final product he thought the E looked really cool, and asked how I did that.  I told him that ORB is the crack of Young House Love and that's how I heard of it.  Pretty cool stuff.  I can't wait to ORB something else!

And here is the final product which I proudly displayed on my door Saturday afternoon.  I know the E looks black, but it is a lovely, shimmery bronze in person.  I just love my new wreath, and my hubby is pretty impressed too.  Unfortunately, it did not drive Winter Storm Virgil away, and now my lovely Spring Rag Wreath is facing about 7-8 inches of fresh snow.  Oh well, maybe my mail deliverer will like the new look anyway.  

How are you trying to think spring in this snowstorm?  Are you decorating for Easter, or planning a vacation?  Maybe you're just turning up the heat and walking around your house in shorts.  I've done that!

Happy Crafting!

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