Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Will I Ever Learn?

Will I ever learn that procrastination is not the answer?  Maybe later, but not today.

Procrastination Setback #1:  Book Reviews.  It's always the book reviews.  I got my awesome new pack of reviews and promptly read this series fiction chapter book, and did not promptly write the the review.  So then, I started carrying the book with me and after a couple days of that, I gave it away!  What was I thinking?  Now I have no book, no review, and no idea how I'm going to pull this off.  I'll have to count on my amazing memory for details.  I'm sunk.  But as the internet as my witness, my reviews will go out next week!

Procrastination Setback #2:  Book Club.  Blast book club!  With their NYT best selling books that weigh more than my dog!  This month it's The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.  If I were smart, I would have read it weeks ago.  I actually did take it on a little trip last week, but there were Kindle books on my phone, like Ungifted and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, begging to be read.  You can see how I didn't get around to this.  When choosing between a misfit and his robot or a artful tome recounting the interconnected lives of several people at a fictitious college, you can see that I made the right choice.  But with just over half the book finished and book club in two days, I'm struggling.  Plus, the two books that I put on hold at the library came in this week.  I have fun books staring me in the face while I read this "real" book.  Doug looked at me while slogging through this book the other day and started laughing.  He said normally when I read that I look happy or excited or involved, and with this book I just look sad and tired.

It's not that this book isn't good, it's just slow.  I'm a fan of intricate and fully developed characters.  I'm a fan of different narrators and points of view.  I'm even becoming a fan of baseball, but added together I'm just getting bored.  I'm waiting for this book to go somewhere, and so far, it's just not happening.  I'll hang in there since I'm determined to finish a book club book, but I think that I will bow out of book club next year.  It's just not my scene.

To all of my fellow procrastinators out there--fear not!  All this work will get done.  Someday.  Probably not today, but maybe next week, after a long weekend full of napping.  Maybe.

Happy Reading!

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