Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baby Bookshelf

This is the bookshelf in Ali Pie's room.  You would probably guess that as a librarian's daughter, she'd have quite a few books.  And you would be right.  I've been hoarding review books, sale books, and other randomness for years for just such an occasion.  

Well, actually I've been buying books for myself, but it's nicer to say that I've been planning my baby's library instead.

This is a bookshelf that my dad made for me in college.  It suits the purpose of baby bookshelf pretty nicely since that top shelf is short-perfect for board books. 

The second shelf is taller, just right for those picture books.  I have some odd ones in here left over from reviewing.  If you look really, really closely, you'll see a children biography on Derek Rose of the Chicago Bulls.  I noticed it a couple of months ago while pulling a book to read to Ali, but I left it, because, why not?  She might love sports as much as her daddy.

So far, her bookshelf is not dominated by any one thing.  There are picture books and board books.  Books on animals and people and construction and pigeons and cupcakes.  It's not too girly or too masculine.  It's such a great balance.  

And these aren't all of her books.  There's a bin of board books in the living room, and I guess if I'm sharing, there are shelves of Mo Willems and Dr. Seuss books in the basement.  Do I have to share those?  I guess, but I'm not quite ready.  Then if you take into account all the chapter books lying about, and the adult novels and non-fiction, she's going to be really well read.  And very into environmentally sustainable construction techniques.  Thanks for busting the curve, daddy!

I love this bookshelf.  It sits right across the room from the chair I feed Ali in every day (and night).  It's a nice colorful thing to look at while I'm singing to her or just rocking her.  Now most mornings after I get her dressed, we grab a book and read before going on with our day.  It's just me, Ali and our dog Lucy hanging out with a book.  It's the perfect way to start the day.

Anyone else wanna share their baby bookshelf.  Check out my Instagram for some other bookshelf pics, because, like I said, this isn't the only place Ali has books!

Happy Reading!

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