Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Book Review: Inkspell

By Cornelia Funke
Scholastic, 2005
Reviewed e-Book
Audience: Grades 5 to 8
ISBN:  9781904442721
Publication Date:  October 5, 2005

Following the conclusion of Inkheart, all seems well for Meggie and her family.  Her mother is back, her family has found a home at Elinor's and everyone seems to be happy.  Except for their longing to visit the land in Inkheart.  Meggie constantly begs her mother for stories of this magical land and even Resa misses her former home.  Then, with the return of Farid telling an amazing story of a reader that read Dustfinger back into the book, Meggie tries it herself and finds her own way to Ombra.  Next Mortimer and Resa go back courtesy of Mortola and now people that were never meant to be in Ombra are affecting the story, a story that has gotten away from Fengolio.  

The Laughing Prince is now the Prince of Sighs, the Adderhead is in control, and the Black Prince quietly administers justice when he can.  It's a wonderful and dangerous world, made all the more so by the meddling of Fengolio and Meggie.  Supposed fix after fix only serve to further ruin the story and even once Meggie's family is reunited, it's under the threat of war, setting up an exciting finale.

I loved Inkheart, which I think I made pretty clear.  If Inkheart was a love letter to the written word, Inkspell is a warning that words can get away from you.  Fengolio has the best of intentions, but he never dreams that his story can take on a mind of its own.  He never imagines that his creation continued to evolve and grow, and trying to tame it again only leads to more pain.  

In some ways, isn't this fan fiction?  A series wraps up, but the story doesn't end as long as their are others that want to continue.  A story never truly dies as long as someone remembers it and adds to it.  Pretty heavy stuff.  What if there is a whole universe out there continuing the Sweet Valley High stories.  What are the Wakefield girls up to now that they are in their 40's?  I think I want to know!

Back to the point.  While I loved Inkheart, Inkspell read like any other fantasy novel to me and it honestly lost a little bit of the magic.  Plus I don't like Orpheus.  Just plain can't stand him.  I'm glad this is not an illustrated novel because I do not think I could look on his sneering, mousy face without vomiting.  Boo to his ending.  I hope he falls in a pit.

Now to Inkdeath.  Reading a series after it is finished is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, you can read it all at once, no waiting in suspense.  But on the other hand, you can read it all at once, and get a little burned out by it.  I'm feeling the burn quite frankly.  I'm not as engaged as I was with Inkheart, so don't expect my review of Inkdeath right away.  I'm going to give myself some time and read some other things first.  Mostly board books.  And occasional baby sleep guides.  That's my life now!

Happy Reading!

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