Friday, July 5, 2013

Brief Overview of the Past Week

I didn't disappear.  Although I did get lost several times.  Turns out I don't know north from my elbow.

I was in Chicago for the American Library Association Conference.  I had mentioned that I was going, but the time finally came and I was busier than I'd ever imagine.  Quick run down:

Thursday:  Boarded the train at 7:00 am for Chicago and arrived at 11:00.  I napped a little but mostly read (Code Name Verity-Review to come!).  Met my sis-in-law for lunch and to grab her condo key (She moved in four days before I came!). Dropped my stuff at her place then took the train downtown.  Did I mention that the Stanley Cup was everywhere?  It was, and it made getting around even more confusing.  Little shopping, back to her place, sushi for dinner at a great BYOB spot by her condo.

Friday:  First day of conference and the Blackhawks rally.  Holy cow.  That's what 2 million people looks like.  The bus wasn't running so I had to grab a cab and head down to McCormick.  Went to a YA Lit Bloggers Summit with Joella from Cinjoella (and quite possibly the greatest librarian/person in the world).  So much fun!  Skipped the opening of the exhibit for an OAR concert.  It poured on us but was so fun, until we had to find our way home.  Got back to the condo at 12:30 and set my alarm to go off in 6 hours-great!

Saturday:  Hauled down to McCormick to get in line for Cress by Marissa Meyer, release date January 2014!  Then went to a YALSA book feedback session.  Wandered the exhibit hall floor most of the afternoon marveling at the crazy and picking up random galleys.  Then went to a session on leveling systems that involved math-boo!  Had dinner with Joella and Lisa from library school.  Exhausted, but I had my very own book cart!

Sunday:  Had to sleep in then once I got to McCormick, I was so overwhelmed, I got in line for the second Raven Boys book an hour early.  But I got the book!  Sunday was mostly spent on the exhibit floor being amazed and frightened.  It's crazy what librarians will do for free books.  I did manage to check out the Pop Top Stage for some great storytelling.  And I received a free, signed, hardcover of Every Day by David Levithan!  So cool!  Plus met a ton of great people.  It's fun to sit in line as long as you're with cool librarians.  Then off to a mixer for the #1 library school in the country, my University of Illinois!

Monday:  Last day of conference so I had to accomplish something!  Made it to McCormick bright and early for a discussion panel about the New Adult category.  Interesting and hilarious.  I will be reviewing some New Adult books soon.  More from the exhibit floor-it's addicting.  Had a book signed for my nephew and grabbed some other swag.  Then I worked the YALSA booth for a couple hours before the whole hall was torn down.  Then I went to the Odyssey Awards for best audiobook.  Not only was it funny, but I came away with a free audio copy of The Fault in Our Stars-maybe a bad choice since I'm still not reading that book.  Maybe I should have picked up The Ghost Knight, but there you have it.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were recovery days.  I needed the rest.  I was up early and out late everyday, but it was worth it and I can't wait to do it again.  Luckily ALA is scheduled to be back in Chicago in 2017, 2020, 2023, and 2026!  I know where my vacation days will be spent those years!  

Now you can look forward to some great posts about what I learned at ALA.  And maybe that Lit Bloggers Summit will improve this blog.  A girl can dream!

Happy Reading!

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  1. thanks for including our New Adult panel in your write up