Monday, July 29, 2013

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween:  A Safety Guide for Scaredies
by Melanie Watt
Kids Can Press, Ontario, Canada, 2013
Format:  Picture Book
Ages:  Elementary School
ISBN:  1894786874
Publication Date:  August 1, 2013

Scaredy Squirrel has tackled many frightening events, but none as terrifying as Halloween!  He takes readers through all of the basics like costumes and decorations and through some more advanced tips like party games and candy transportation in a effort to make this Halloween the best and least surprising Halloween ever.  As always, Scaredy Squirrel's fears are unfounded, but he does add a spooky new twist to playing dead.  Since Halloween books are popular all year long, and Scaredy Squirrel is a delightful character, this is sure to be a hit.

You know by now that I love Scaredy Squirrel, see the round-up here, the Christmas review here, and the camping review here.  His over-the-top safety lessons are funny to readers and leave the impression that you need to be careful, but not that careful.  Personally, I wish that I had his tips for going through a haunted house when I was a kid.  

Again, there are some great programming possibilities here, especially since Scaredy Squirrel walks you through planning a non-threatening Halloween party.  You can start by taking the scaredy quiz, then work through some decorating, attempt to crave a pumpkin with a plastic knife, then do a real jack-o-latern craft and finish up with a costume parade and games as described in the book.  

Or, you could just recommend this book to every child that walks into your life.  That's my plan at least.

Now that Scaredy Squirrel has made Halloween completely safe and harmless, I'm wondering what holiday he will tackle next?  Valentine's Day?  Mother's Day?  Talk like a pirate day?  I could personally use some help getting through Arbor Day, but I might be the only one.

Did you notice all of the official publication information?  Things are starting to look very professional around here!  

Happy Safe and Non-Frightening Halloween!

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