Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July

Hatchette Publishing did this amazing, mind blowing thing at ALA this year-they let you fill out a form, pick five books and they would ship them to you!  Why this is so exciting you ask?  Because you don't have to find room in your carry on or ship them back yourself.  And you're not walking around with ALA-shoulder because they send pre-release books straight to your door!  This is the kind of thinking that is going to bring world peace.

It really might.  Let's all think about this for a minute.  If Hatchette sends out a free book to everyone and we all stop fighting and bickering and tweeting and just read it, then we all discuss it, wouldn't that make the world a better place?

Okay, it might not.  What if that book were Mockingjay (and I know that Hatchette did not publish Mockingjay but I'm going for a metaphor here) and someone thought that Katniss should have ended up with Gale.  So wrong.  Peeta is perfect for her, and how dare you think she should be with Gale?

Actually, this might cause more wars than it prevents.

Back to the point.  This darling little package was on my doorstep when I went home for lunch and I started screaming "It's Christmas in July!" and skipped to the kitchen to grab the scissors and skipped to the table (should you really skip with scissors?) to open my package all while my husband rolled his eyes and watched The Golf Channel.  And I rolled my eyes that he was watching The Golf Channel.

And there they were-five precious little books just waiting to be read.  Perfect!

I'll share my reviews when it comes closer to the release date.  I wouldn't want to give anything away too soon, and more timely reviews have become my new resolution, although I'm terrible at keeping resolutions.

How are you celebrating Christmas in July?  Was I the only one getting packages from vacation Santa? Hopefully not!

Happy Reading!

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