Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Batting Out of Order

When I came back from ALA, I carefully sorted all of the galleys I received by publication date and told myself that I would read them in order of publication date.

I lied.  Like my plans ever hash out.

I batted out of order.  I'm currently reading a sequel that doesn't come out until November when I have several very exciting September releases, a couple of galleys for books that have already been published, three Bluestems sitting on my table, and of course, like always, review books.  This time a middle grade fiction, three series non-fiction books about different musics styles, including Hip-Hop because I'm so street, and an audiobook about recovering from drug addiction.  An 8 CD long audiobook about recovering from drug addiction.

Can you see why I batted out of order?

Has this ever happened to you?  Maybe you have books for a book club, or even assignments.  Or you are trying something ridiculous like reading biographies of all the presidents (I actually know someone who did that) and you just need a break!  Personally, I've been jumping from Bluestems to New Adult which is quite the subject change!  I desperately needed something in the middle and this sequel was just right.

What's on your to-read list?  Anything worth skipping or moving up to the front of the line?  Anyone else planning the perfect read line-up only to bat out of order?  Let me know!  I don't want to feel like a total reading failure!

Happy Reading

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