Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chain Reader

I have a slight reading problem.  I think I'm a chain reader.  I just binge read one book after another, after another, after another with no time to properly digest them.  Case in point:  I finished This Is W.A.R. over the weekend and didn't know what to do with myself.  There had to be another book I could jump right into.  Anything, just a quick fix.

It's not that I lack books.  I told my husband today that I had to go to the library and he sarcastically said "because you don't have books on your shelves and you don't have books on the Kindle".  I did point out that I was returning a library book, but that didn't seem to convince him.

True, I'm not always a great reader.  There are times when I would rather do something else, but right now, that's unthinkable.  All I want to do is read--I'm like a junkie!  I'm sitting around waiting all day for that next break where I can get away and read.

But to give myself some time away from the books, I've taken up magazines.  I know that's not exactly going cold turkey or anything, but I need some time more connected to the real world and less obsessed with my fictional characters.  Also true, I am not reading The Economist or Forbes.  I'm reading Marie Claire, Real Simple, and Redbook.  Yes, Redbook.  I feel old just admitting that, but I scored a free subscription somehow and Kristen Bell was on the cover and things just happened.

While I'm not giving up my compulsive reading tendencies anytime soon, I am trying to come up for air every now and then.  The weather is turning fallish here for a minute and my dog needs to explore the world on walks, plus my house needs to be cleaned and my husband keeps thinking we should eat everyday, which is just weird.  You don't need dinner, honey, just read a book!

For the time being, I'll still have lots of book reviews to share but hopefully I'll sneak in some other fun posts too, because I really do have other interests besides books, but the books are just so good right now!

Happy Reading!

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