Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lucy on the Loose

Absolutely Lucy #2:  Lucy on the Loose
by Ilene Cooper
Random House Book for Young Readers, 2010
Audience:  Ages 5 to 8 
ISBN:  9780307265081
Publication Date:  April 14, 2010

Bobby Quinn has a funny beagle named Lucy, and while she's a good dog, she's also a little tricky.  She has helped Bobby make friends, like his new neighbor Sam, but she also likes to get in trouble, like when she chases a cat and runs away.  Now Bobby and Sam are chasing Lucy and as they go, they have to talk to people, despite their shyness, to find out where she's gone.  Will they ever find Lucy?  This sweet book ends happily enough for all dog lovers and beagle lovers will definitely relate to Lucy.

I bet some of you were a little scared when you saw this blog title.  That's because I have my own Lucy beagle and I know all too well how it feels when she runs off.  But my girl didn't end up at a Little League game causing so much trouble.  A friend of mine bought this book at a rummage sale, so I had to read it before I sent it on to my Lucy-loving nephew.

While this is the second in the Absolutely Lucy series, it does not need to be read in order.  From what I can gather, in the first book Bobby gets Lucy and she helps him overcome his shyness and make friends.  In this book, he's still a little shy but not when he has Lucy, or when he needs to save her.  It's a sweet relationship and some readers that are shy themselves will appreciate it.  

While searching for Lucy, Bobby picks up more help at each stop, making it quite the rag-tag parade that is looking for this dog.  Readers will enjoy the humor that is included because it lessens the anxiety that comes with a missing dog.  

And that cover.  How can you not love that cover?  What a darling beagle dog!!

I didn't read Lucy on the Loose to my Lucy because I don't want to give her any ideas, but I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of her with the book without her eating it entirely. 

But she did try to eat it.  Anthony, if there are a few bite marks on this when it gets to you, just know that your furry cousin thought it was delicious!

Happy Reading!

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