Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bookish Fashion

I love Kate Spade.  I personally love all things Kate Spade and if I ever win the lottery and get to be a ladies that lunches, I'll wear nothing but Kate Spade.  But today I'm a secretary, and not a prim and proper 1950's secretary that wears a hat, just a run of the mill boring secretary in khakis and a polo, so I am not decked out in Kate Spade finery everyday.  But I do have a couple purses, and a few wallets, and some bangles, and a necklace, and a couple pair of earrings.  Actually this might be an addiction for which I should seek help.

But not yet because Kate Spade just released a very bookish new fall line!  I'm excited, but not so excited that I am reaching for my credit card.  I wait for things to go on sale, then I grab my credit card. Here's what I'll be stalking!

Above is the Required Reading Tote inspired by an old-fashioned card catalog.  It's so pretty!  A little out of my price range, and likely even on sale it will be a wish item, but I can appreciate it from afar.  Also, if anyone knows where I can purchase an old card catalog, let me know.  You see them all the time on Pinterest-where are they getting this stuff?

Boys Make Passes at Girls in Glasses tee.  Yeah they do!  How do you think I landed my hubby?  I was the hottie wearing khakis, a polo, and glasses!  I'm kinda offended that this model isn't wearing glasses.  I would feel weird wearing this shirt without glasses on.  This phrase is splashed all over the new Kate Spade line for fall-on bags, totes, iPhone covers, and bangles.

I love both of these scarves.  One is all glasses, the other all books.  I don't know if these will ever make my price range, but I'll be on the look out for look-a-likes.

I don't own an iPhone-ANDROID FOR LIFE-but I do like this little iPhone cover that looks like an old fashioned check out card.  You know, back before borrower privacy was an issue and stuff.  It's so retro and I love it.  But Kate Spade is all Apple now.  What happened to those darling first generation Kindle covers, why didn't you stay with Amazon?

I feel like jewelry is where you can actually get some deals.  True, these necklaces are nearly $100 now, but by Christmas, they might be in range for gift giving.  And by gift giving, I mean for my husband to give to me!  Like last year when he bought my the Take Note pencil necklace.  I've been on the look out for a look-a-like of the Goreski Glasses necklace for a while, but I love the little By the Book necklace too.  It might be in my future-right Doug?

I know I seem like I'm giving my hubby a hard time about gift giving, but he started it.  My first real Kate Spade purse came from him on our first Christmas together.  He set the bar pretty high, but I knew he was a keeper.  Now he says that buying me presents is easy because he just hits the Kate Spade sale site and clicks away.  I've loved everything he's bought me so far, but why not give him a little guidance for this year?

Which piece is your favorite?  What bookish fashion trends are you loving?  Go check out the New Arrivals at Kate Spade for yourself and see what you think.

Happy Window Shopping!

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