Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reader Fatigue

The Willow Falls series by Wendy Mass has treated me very well.  It's happy, mysterious, and each book works reasonably well on its own.  So why have I had such difficulty getting into The Last Present?  

Simple answer:  reader fatigue.  I read 11 Birthdays a couple of years ago when it was a Caudill nominee, and then when I picked up The Last Present at ALA this summer, I decided I needed to catch up, so I read Finally and 13 Gifts pretty close together.  Then I immediately picked up The Last Present, but it just wasn't hooking me.  I put down, picked it up again, and reluctantly made my way through it, until about two days ago when I was finally hooked.  

I love this books, honestly.  They are all about a quaint town, great friendships, and a touch of magic, but after reading them in such close succession, I'm getting burned out.  Plus I am maybe a little over the action.  I just want the resolution already!  

A recent article in Publisher's Weekly just discussed the new trends in YA fiction and one thing that most publishers have had enough of is trilogies.  Readers are getting a little restless waiting for the next installment and by the end, you just want the resolution.  I read book seven of Harry Potter in 12 straight hours.  I think I finished Mockingjay in about 6 hours.  I hope that I can savor Dreams of Gods and Monsters a little longer, but who knows?  I might be up until 3 am finishing that book too.  

It's different when you are an adult reading juvenile or teen fiction.  Younger readers like the consistency and general comfort of a repeated setting and characters, whereas I am getting restless with the same old thing.  

While I am a little fatigued by Willow Falls, I'm still enjoying the book.  I'm hoping that I can finish it today on my lunch break.  A big plot point was just revealed and it left me reeling too, so you know it's good!

Are any books giving you fatigue?  Any books that you just have to read, or maybe a big final book that you blew through just because you had to know how it ended?  Personally, I'm super-fatigued by How I Met Your Mother!  If this entire season is just the three days leading up to the wedding, I'm going to scream!

Happy Reading!

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