Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Horror

During my morning blog checking, I came across a lovely little article from Travis at 100 Scope Notes at SLJ.  In it, he brought my attention to a hilarious Stephen Colbert clip regarding the soon-to-be published children's book by Rush Limbaugh.  Go check it out.  I'll wait here.

Back already?  Good.

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, eh?  No co-author, bold move.  Time-traveling, talking horse and pudgy substitute teacher, totally feasible.  All of this adds up to complete and total garbage and I'm sad for the libraries that are forced to purchase this preachy and heavy-handed piece of propaganda.

Sadly (so sad), this book is #4 of all books on Amazon.  OF ALL BOOKS!  Millions and millions and millions of lovely and worthy books are being passed over in favor of this!  Granted, books like this are a flash in pan, here today, forgotten tomorrow, and lining sad book sales two weeks after the release date.  I truly wish that all of the people that have purchased this book would visit their local library, their local bookstore, and ask the lovely and talented experts to help them find a brain a better book about our nation's history, or about bunnies, or about cake.  Anything is better than this!

And how much do you love Stephen Colbert?  I love him!  My hubby came home the other night and I was watching the Colbert Report and he couldn't understand why.  I told him that Stephen Colbert is the only person out there that talking about children's literature.  True, it is in the name of comedy, but it's something.  His interview with the late Maurice Sendak was wonderful and hilarious, all as it should have been.

Today, exercise your freedom to read and enjoy whatever type of book you choose, because unfortunately, the right to read goes both ways.  You can either choose to read The Giver, or this garbage.  I'm not going to stop you.  I will mock you mercilessly, but I'm not going to stop you.

Happy Reading!

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