Wednesday, October 9, 2013

If You Give a Librarian Crepe Paper.....

She will put it on the ceiling!

Behold my office decorations for Homecoming 2013, The Rocky Games:  Western Is United!

When I first heard this theme, I wondered if they meant Olympic Games, or Hunger Games, but since the secondary theme was about unity, I decided it wasn't Hunger Games.  If that were the case I would have decked out my office in camo, strung up some bow and arrows and pinned up a few dozen tracker jackers.  I still think it could have been very fun and full of school spirit.

Let's have a look around!

I made this fun wreath for the front door by wrapping a regular styrofoam wreath with yarn.  I just printed the Physics banner and strung it with embroidery floss and pinned it to the wreath.  The flowers are made from old t-shirts using instructions from Simple Bliss, and the Rocky head is just attached to a flower for a little 3-D effect.  The best part about this wreath is that I just pinned everything on, so I can easily swap this out for a wreath for my own house, but I kind like it in the office, so it might just stay. 

Since I am going Olympic Games here, I decided to print up posters with all the faculty and graduate assistants and tell which wacky games they play.  This is all pure fiction and I just made everything up. But you'd never know to look at them that these brainiacs excel at Broomball, Caber Toss, and Unicycle Football, but that's my story!

These posters have been everyone's favorite decoration because they are so funny.  I've had to explain a few of the games, but it's nice to see everyone loosen up a little and laugh at themselves for a bit.

I won't have that Olympic spirit if I didn't display our flags!  We're a pretty diverse department, so this just shows off the national flags of our faculty and students.  

I was going for Olympic Rings here, but came out with Rocky flowers.  That's fine with me, especially since the rings are trademarked and I could possibly get in trouble of using that image, so yeah, I meant for this display to look like flowers!

One last shot of my view.  I love the Rocky Games banner at the front of the room.  It makes me happy to look at it.  And all the things hanging from the ceiling.  I won't tell you how they got up there because it wasn't safe and probably not union certified, so let's just call it magic!

Oh Homecoming!  The one time of year that I am allowed to go nuts and decorate my whole office without getting too many funny looks.  And the one time a year I'm allowed to take down 30% of the Einstein posters (two still remain!).  

Can't get enough school spirit?  Check out last year's decorations!  

Happy Homecoming Everyone!  Go 'Necks!

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