Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick Tip

How many passwords do you have?  I'm guessing that it numbers in the dozens.  Between email, online banking, magazines, memberships, and the dreaded work passwords that expire every 3 months, I'm up to my eyeballs in passwords.  And it's almost impossible to remember them all, especially since you often can't repeat passwords or use the same password on work accounts.

So, my solution has been to pick a book I've recently read and loved, and change all of my passwords to that for the month.  I don't use titles, but I do use character names, special phrases, and places as passwords.  Then all I have to do is keep a picture of the cover on my board and when I can't remember a password, I look over and that at least narrows it down.

Plus typing in a favorite character name or phrase makes me smile every morning.  It's like getting to remember a good friend everyday.  I recommend this trick if you are a reader and find it impossible to remember all those different passwords.  Just make it a theme from your favorite book.

Happy Reading!

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