Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Wedding

My pastor's son got married a couple weeks ago in a beautiful ceremony.  I was asked to watch the kids during the actual ceremony to keep them from getting wiggly and disrupting the love.  I was told that I would be watching 3 year-olds, so I grabbed a bunch of books and a craft and made up treat bags and was all set.

Then, I was given my assignment at the wedding.  Watch 18 week-old Quinlen, whose mom was part of the wedding part and whose dad was watching the little guy's three young siblings.  And let me tell you, there's a big difference between entertaining a gaggle of toddlers for 40 minutes and entertaining a baby for 40 minutes.

Lucky me, he mostly slept, but when he did wake up and saw a strange person holding him, life got rough.  I went downstairs with him and sang while he wailed away and finally hiccuped himself to sleep.  Seriously.  I had no idea that he was asleep because he just kept hiccuping away.

After I was sure that the little guy was passed out, I went back upstairs, but when the couple was pronounced man and wife, the organ came to life with a bang and startled my little wiggler, but luckily with some bouncing he was back to sleep.

I did tell my pastor that this could be a new service that the church offers--child care during the wedding ceremony.  Next time I hope I get some kids that will sit through a story and interact a little more, but my baby time was great too.  But there were some toddlers that needed to be outside the ceremony having a little more fun.

I had two great paper dolls ready, this bride and groom from DLTK Kids.  The groom is adorable, but the bride looks a little bridezilla-ish.  It's one of those relationships where you want to take the guy aside and say "are you sure you want to go through with this?", but kids won't understand that, so you're fine.  My books were all random books I loved, like Bubble Trouble, We Are in a Book, and The Perfect Nest, so I was just planning on inproving a greatest hits storytime.

This is just another way to use library skills outside the library!

Happy Reading

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