Thursday, May 9, 2013

Daring Dragons

Between the griffin in Wednesdays in the Tower, and the dragons in Seraphina, I have mythical creatures on the brain.  When I found this Daring Dragons preschool storytime outline, I knew it would be perfect to share!  I wanted to share a picnic storytime because I am having ant issues, but this will have to do for now.  At least I don't have a dragon infestation, although my hubby would love that, since that would require the mother of dragons from Games of Thrones or whatnot.  I don't watch it, I just hear a lot about it.

Daring Dragons
Preschool Storytime

Opening Song:  Bendable Strechable by Georgiana Stewart

Opening Rhyme:  Dance Your Fingers
  Dance your fingers up, dance your fingers down.
  Dance your fingers to the side, dance them round and round.
  Dance them on your shoulders, dance them on your head.
  Dance them on your belly, and now put them to bed!

Book:  That Pesky Dragon by Julie Sykes

Rhyme:   Five Green Dragons
  Five green dragons making such a roar
  One danced away and then there were four.
  Four green dragons dancing round a tree
  One danced away and then there were three.
  Three green dragons dancing around you
  One danced away and then there were two
  Two green dragons dancing in the sun
  One danced away and then there was one
  One green dragon having lots of fun
  She danced away and then there were none.

Book:  If I Had a Dragon by Tom and Amanda Ellery

Song:  Fly Dragon Fly
  Fly, fly dragon fly, Fly, fly dragon fly
  Fly, fly dragon fly, way up in the sky.
  Hop, Clap, Stomp, Sway, Sleep
Book:  Clinton Gregory’s Secret by Bruce Whatley

Rhyme:   Baby Dragon 
 Baby Dragon counts to three, Baby Dragon bends one knee
  Baby Dragon touches toes, Baby Dragon breathes through his nose
  Baby Dragon runs in place, Baby Dragon makes a funny face.
  Baby Dragon lies on the floor,  Baby Dragon starts to snore.
Book:  Who Wants a Dragon by James Mayhew

Rhyme:  All Around the Castle (Tune:  All Around the Mulberry Bush)
  All around the castle
  The knight chased the dragon
  The dragon thought it was all in fun
  ROAR went the dragon.

Book:  Hush Little Dragon by Boni Ashburn

Rhyme:  I’m a Little Dragon (Tune:  I'm a Little Teapot)
  I’m a little dragon, strong and stout
  Here is my tail and here is my stout
  If you get me upset you better watch out
  I’ll give you something to shout about!
Craft:  Mosaic Dragon

For the Mosaic Dragon, I printed a dragon outline and had children place tissue paper "scales" on him and paint over the tissue paper with water to transfer the color.  It's a quick and easy art project for even the wiggliest storytime participants!

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