Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well Trained Reader

For the past three years, Rick Riordan has released another book in the Kane Chronicles Series during May.  I went to an author event for Rick Riordan when the first book in this series, The Red Pyramid, was released.  It was amazing seeing a huge theatre full of kids getting so excited for reading and books, and that excitement was absolutely infectious.  I loved the Percy Jackson books and I was positive that I would love the Egyptology woven into this new series.

Then, each year as the weather warmed and school let out, I would sit out on my deck, be it a modest 12 square foot apartment balcony, or a spacious deck on my house, and read through the adventures of Egypt mythology in modern times.  And here I am, warm days, no school, time to read, and there's no Kane Chronicles.  Excuse me?  I'm like one of Pavlov's dogs over here.  Once there are beautiful, nice days, budding trees, and lemonade, I crave a little modern Egyptology.

I might go so far as to re-read The Red Pyramid, my autographed copy that is, because I'm that cool.  Or, I'll try to find another middle grade fiction quest book.  Right now I am pretty deep in Capture the Flag by Kate Messner and it is satisfying my craving for wacky hijinks and unbelievable feats of crime-solving.  Plus there's a dog, who doesn't love that?

Unlike the last time I had a literary craving, I know what type of book I'm looking for, or rather, I know exactly what I'm looking for, I just need a read-alike.  Any suggestions for a Kane Chronicles read-alike?  I'm open to any kind of a kid heroes quest book to read on a lovely May afternoon.

Happy Reading!

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