Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monarch Round-Up Part 1

I have mentioned the Monarch Award several times on this blog.  It's such a great award for readers and since it is the younger grade award, it's so easy to read all of the contestants!

Over the next couple of posts, I will be quickly summarizing all of the Monarchs-a herculean task to be sure!  Actually it's super easy and I read most of the books to my dog.  She especially loved I Want My Hat Back for reasons that I will explain later.  I will give a brief one line summary for each book, my personal ranking, and my odds for it winning.  It will be like the Derby!  Only with less monetary betting and better drinks (mint juleps are not good).

Monarch Round-Up Part One!

Contestant Number One:  One by Kathryn Otoshi (too obvious?)  Blue is being bullied by Red and the other colors won't stand up for him, but 1 will and now everyone counts.

My review:  It's a good book on bullying, and while readers will enjoy it and feel empowered, it's not a strong favorite.

Odds:  10-1

Contestant Number Two:  Biblioburro by Jeanette Winters.
Luis has a large collection of books and when his library becomes too much for his wife, he travels the hills of Columbia to bring books to children.

My review:  It's a nice story with colorful and simple illustrations.  It is more heartwarming for adults than entertaining for children.

Odds:  10-1

Contestant Number Three:  I Wanna New Room by Karen Kaufman Orloff.
Alex doesn't want to share a room with his little brother, so he writes letters to his dad explaining why he needs his own room.

My review:  While I'm not a fan of David Catrow's illustrations, many kids love his colorfully chaotic style.  Plus, this is a theme that many readers can relate to.

Odds:  5-1

Contestant Number Four:  The One and Only Stuey Lewis by Cambria Evans.
Second grade is a big year for Stuey as he struggles to read, tries to live up to his brother's reputation on the soccer field, and get along with his classmates.

My review:  This was a great early chapter book and I think that many readers will relate.  But it's a little long for the Monarch, so while I like, they odds aren't great.

Odds:  15-1

Contestant Number Five:  I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klaussen
Bear has lost his hat and even though no one claims to have seen it, he knows where it is, and he is going to get it back!

My review:  I briefly mentioned this book here and I think that kids are really going to enjoy the humor.  Not to mention all of the teachers that will get the more subversive side of this book.  It's a dark horse with a chance!

Odds:  3-1

(Oh, and my dog loved the ending--what really happened to that rabbit?)

For the full Monarch List go here.  And for more reviews and rankings, check back tomorrow.

Happy Reading!

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