Friday, June 14, 2013

New Shoes, New Look, New News

Happy Friday!!  I'm looking forward to a nice weekend full of frantically running around prepping for VBS on Monday.  And taking a nap.  Or sleeping for a week.  One of the two.

There are several items of note that I want to address today, so let's get started!

1.  New Shoes for a New Upgrade!  Yup, my lowly secretarial position was upgraded to a slightly less lowly secretarial position with a slight pay increase, so that means new shoes!  I bought these funky little beautys for $15, because honestly I'm making maybe $4 more per day and there are other expenses in my life that are more pressing than footwear.

2.  New Look!  I changed up the blog a little bit.  I like the new look.  It's cleaner and simpler, like how I would like my house to be.  Also, my little blog has been going for a whole year now, and while I'm not the most popular book blog on the block (not by a long shot), I enjoy it.  It gives me a reason to read more and do more.  Yea for motivation!

3.  New News!  I've hit upon a couple of great articles this week that I think you need to read.

I read this article last week about GRRM of Game of Thrones fame set to write a children's book full of the kind of death and destruction that zaps all joy and light from a child's eyes.  Someone tell me this is satire.  I want this to be satire.

Amy Poelher loves Judy Blume and wants to sit at her feet and be read to.  Don't we all!

NPR has sparked some hot debate about what kids are reading, but their source is the hated Accelerated Reader-hardly an authority in book leveling to many librarians and teachers.  Get in on the action or grab your popcorn and enjoy the drama!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of good books, good food, and good naps!

Happy Reading!

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