Thursday, June 6, 2013

You Can't Resist Me!

Get it?  It's a post about resistance band training!  Hahahaha.

My non-librarian job has a couple of cool perks, and in office resistance band training is one of them.  Once a week, a fitness instructor comes to my office to show me cool resistance band exercises, then I am responsible for doing three sets of 10 each day, and I have a little worksheet that I have to turn in-not for points or anything, just to be accountable.

So, my first week was awesome.  I rocked those sets!  But this week has been slow, and I didn't meet my goal.  So I sadly handed in my barely filled in worksheet.  I even tried to catch up by doing a few extra exercises this morning because I was ashamed.  Now I am armed with five new exercises and a whole week to succeed.

No, I'm not going to get ripped doing these exercises, but if I can get my booty out of my desk chair for a couple minutes a day, I consider that good.  And just a little accountability is a good thing because I also talk to my instructor about the other fitness classes that I am trying to take like PiYo and TRX (which almost killed me).

Here's to a healthy new outlook this summer, one exercise at a time!

Happy Exercising!

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