Friday, June 21, 2013

VBS Preview

Oh, it's finally over!  VBS is fun but exhausting.  This year we went four days, two hours per day, 25 kids, six baggies of sand spilled all over, one mashed up cupcake, two buckets of water mostly worn by our kids, one robot made out of a Culligan bottle, and one great time being together learning about Jesus.

And I couldn't be more tired.

This week I spent eight hours at work, 20 minutes at home, nearly an hour prepping, two hours overseeing the crazy, another 1/2 hour tearing down, then 20 minutes or so awake in my home before I just couldn't take it anymore and went to bed.  For four days straight.  I haven't had time for dinner since Sunday and I endured one fun panic attack, but it's over and it was worth it.

And I'll tell you all about it next week.

Last night as I was basking in the glow of a successful VBS where everyone had fun, no one was hurt (we used to play Red Rover at my VBS as a child, so someone always went home with a black eye), and all adults were pleased, I checked my email.  And you know what I saw-previews of the themes for VBS 2014.  Seriously.  I just finished, minutes ago, and know I'm thinking about next year.

But next year sounds cool.  It's Gateway to Galilee and will be all about Jesus and his work with the disciples.  And I won't have to explain the Transfiguration to five year olds so bonus.

Soon I shall sleep.  After I finish cleaning up the mess and props from VBS in time for our ice cream social tonight.  Maybe I'll actually try to eat dinner tonight.

Happy Reading!

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