Monday, June 3, 2013

Miss Tiff Does Everything But Read

Wow-it was a busy weekend!  After being out of town two weekends in a row, my house was a mess, my fridge was empty, and the projects were just piling up!  This weekend meant no reading, but I can look back with a great sense of accomplishment!  My house quite clean, VBS is coming along (it starts in 2 weeks!), and a few things finally got crossed off.

Project 1:  Denim Dog Toy

On Friday night, Doug was cleaning out the closet after a big round of outlet mall shopping and gave me some old ripped-up jeans.  So, I did what any Pinterest-obsessed girl would do-I cut them up and made a chew toy.  I cut the jeans off at the knees, cut some strips, braided, knotted, and done!  Instant dog toy.  Lucy loves it and it is already being torn up.  These types of toys keep her really entertained and are great for when we visit people because she can tear into the toy and stay out of trouble.  Not only do I have plenty of material for more toys, but Doug also has some awesomely terrible new denim cutoffs.  I did take a picture of him but I promised him it would not find its way to the internet....yet.

Project 2:  Kill the Ants!

We still have ants!  I thought I got them all, but no, there are more ant colonies attacking our house.  Now, I'm not afraid of RAID or other products like it, but with a dog, we can't go around spraying that stuff.  (Is it weird that I'm more concerned for my dog's health than mine?)  So, instead I made borax ant baits to kill the little buggers.  It's just 1/2 cup or so of sugar, 2 or 3 tablespoons of Borax and a cup of boiling water.  Mix it all together, soak some cotton balls, and wait.  On Friday night I saw two or three ants, so I put out one cotton ball.  On Saturday morning I woke to an invasion of ants crawling from my dining room window to that one cotton ball on the counter.  I put out five more cotton balls after that.  That's the bad thing about this trap-it gets worse before it gets better.  But after about six hours of a total swarm of ants, the colony will be dead and you can go on with your life.  After you disinfect every surface they could have possibly touched.  I'm getting a crawly feeling just thinking about it.

Project 3:  Build a Robot

Please excuse the sucky picture.  It was late and I couldn't find a light switch at church.
Meet Gizmo, the robot mascot of this year's VBS.  I fashioned Gizmo out of an old Culligan bottle, HVAC tubing, sand bucket, funnel, and lots of cable ties.  I love cable ties!  Pretty well everything is connected by either cable ties or superglue.  It was a funny scene Saturday night as Doug drilled the holes in the bottle, I threaded the cable ties through the bottle and used a crochet hook to fish them out through the holes.  It was precise and dangerous work.  But he looks good.  I text my pastor on Saturday to let him know that Gizmo had been installed at church and he text back "Okay, but I'm not letting the robot preach".  Ba-dum-bum-bum.  Get it?  Installed like set-up, and installed like ordained-haha!  Maybe it's a Lutheran thing.  No, Gizmo didn't preach, but he makes a great prop.

Also, I'm married to a pretty incredible guy.  I told him that I need vent tubing "the shiny, silvery, collapsable stuff", and not only did he find it, but there were these little corner connectors that he said "we could use these as feet and get gloves for the hands"!  Seriously-I'm a lucky girl!!

Project 4:  Yard Work

Due to being gone and all of the rain, we not only didn't have time to mow the yard, but it also grew really fast.  I basically had to mow before Nat Geo came to film a nature documentary in my yard.  I'm terrible at mowing the lawn, so let this be a lesson to you, hubby, if you want it done right.....

Project 5:  Fence in the Air Conditioner

While I finished mowing, Doug was finishing up the cedar fence to go around our air conditioner, and digging up some ugly weeds and bushes.  (I think I got the better end of this deal by mowing.)  This fence will prevent a certain beagle dog from chewing on the wiring and causing us to call a repairman-again.  Plus is makes it look like we are going to raise goats or something.  I'm already thinking that I need to add a rustic star or giant bell for added country flare.

But that's not all!  I dared to do something even crazier this weekend, and once I snap a quick pic, I'll be back to share the details.

Happy Not Reading!

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