Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waiting for November 6

What's so cool about November 6, you ask!  

 It's only the birthday of Ethan Hawke, Lamar Odom, and Emma Stone! 

 Actually, that doesn't matter at all.  I just looked that up on Wikipedia. 
But it is the birthday of my friend Laura!

Happy super-early birthday, Laura!  Don't be mad at me for including this picture in my blog!  If I'm lucky, she'll never see it and this can be our little secret.

Moving on.  Why is November 6 so important?  Because the sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone is released on November 6.

Check out that cover!  Haunting, right?

For those of you that have not read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, here are five reasons you should do so immediately:

1.  Karou is completely entrancing.  Karou is a teen living in Prague and attending art school, but she also runs errands for Brimstone, the wish monger.  Brimstone and his chimera brethren are the only family she has ever known, but she loves them completely.  She has bright blue hair, multiple tattoos (including a hamsasa  on each palm) and a necklace made of wish granting stones.  

2.  The art.  While there are no drawings in this book, there is still lot of art.  Karou draws comics of her chimera family for her classmates and draws her classmates for her chimera family, so everyone thinks her other life is fictional.  Also, there is a giant puppet that guides a living marionette, and huge angel wings above Karou's bed.  

3.  The angels.  Now, these are not fallen angels, or angels of death, or any other cliche that is now floating along out there in YA land.  These angels are legit.  The angels are part of an epic battle against the chimera and are closing the portals that Karou uses on Brimstone's errands.  And why does she run these strange errands to collect teeth?  What does he do with the teeth?  See, it's getting crazy already!

4.  The Chimera.  You have to love the chimera.  They are all different parts of animal combined into one, and Taylor does such an amazing job of describing them that you can see them right in front of you, with lion legs and crocodile face and leopard spots.  Trust me, she does a much better job than that.  Plus, these chimera are real, so real that you ache for them.

5.  The writing.  It's incredible.  This book is the perfect balance of plot, character and unbelievable writing.  You are sucked into Karou's world completely and thoroughly and it is painful to leave.  I loved every single word, and even though I was dying to find out what happened, I read every word.  I'm very guilty of skipping description to get to the dialog and move the plot along, but this book makes you read every word and sometimes re-read just to experience that description again.

Seriously, why aren't you reading this book right now?!  Oh, because you're reading this post.  Well, that's fair.  Let me add one more plug for Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  I read a preview of this on NetGalley.  I read 14 chapters, which you would think would get you about half way through the book, but it only took me to the point where the plot gets so intensive, you are begging for more.  It's like getting a taste for a drug and then having it yanked away!  NetGalley was my dealer!  Then, because I was so impatient to get my fix, I pre-ordered it for my Kindle.  (Isn't the Kindle awesome like that?  Talk about instant gratification.  I just pre-order then turn my Kindle on in the morning a book is released and it's there!  Yes, at 12:01 am on November 6, I will be turning on my Kindle.  I may not sleep that night.)  Sometimes when I read on the Kindle, I feel like I am a little removed from the book.  In this case, if I had been any more in tune with this book, I might have started dying my hair blue and wearing combat boots.  As it was, I almost did that for Halloween.  My point is, no matter how you get this book-get it!  

You have your assignment.  Read Daughter of Smoke and Bone today and put your copy of Days of Blood and Starlight on order tomorrow!

Happy Reading!

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