Friday, July 20, 2012

When Charity Meets Crazy

Excuse my snobbiness for a moment, but I went to a very exclusive charity event this past weekend.  Donors came from miles around to support the Lupus Foundation of America.

That's where the normalcy ends.

The event is Pub and Putt, the place is Calhoun County Illinois. 
See the tiny slice of a county.  That's Calhoun County.  It is quaintly nestled between the Mississippi River and the Illinois River.

There is no Walmart, McDonald's, or chain grocery store in Calhoun County.  That's remote!

Also, to get into Calhoun, your choices are a drawbridge, or ferry.

We opted for the ferry.

Enough background information-let's get to the event!

The 3rd Annual Team Kendall Pub and Putt!

Disclaimer-I am not an organized blogger, and I'm even worse at remembering to take pictures, and even worse at actually taking pictures, and when drinking is involved, forget it.  Let's just say that this post will make you curious for next year!  (Also, Doug and I are on our third camera since our wedding.  One fell in the ocean and another was maced by spray sunscreen.  Doug told me I could buy a nice camera if I wanted, but given our track record, I bought the cheapest one at Walmart, which was a bad idea.)

Pub and Putt is basically mini-golf, in bars.  And most of the holes are made out of plywood.  And one bar just makes a giant horseshoe shape and sets down industrial size cans of stewed tomatoes as obstacles.  I owned that hole!  Every team has four players and a caddy.  The caddy is your designated driver and signs a pledge not to drink until the event is over, and they wear a different color wrist band so the bartenders know not to serve them.  It's all about safety with Pub and Putt!

Then, your team takes off and hits up 10 bars all up and down the county.  We started about one o'clock and finished up around  eight.  It is not a sprint!  It's a marathon!  The first year we tried to drink at every bar and nearly died.  We were drunk by three and hung over by seven and we went and took a nap before the awards were given out.  We are all smarter people now.  (Not to mention old, but whatever).

And now, I give you Pub and Putt in Pictures!

Here I am with the girls-my sis-in-law Kristen, me (but you already knew that) and college girlfriends Laura (who you might remember from this post), Sara (who received a shout-out in this post) and Sam (I'll holler at you later!)

I would like to draw your attention to the shirts.  They say "I'd Tap That".  Now you can take that however you want, but part of the fun of Pub and Putt is the crude jokes.  Our teams were "I'd Tap That" and "I'd Tap That, Too", which I explained to people like this-not the number 2, but I would also like to tap that, please.  (If you want to be really cool, you can order this shirt from Donkey Tees on Etsy!  Just tell them Tiffany sent you.  (actually, they have no idea who I am, so don't say that!)).

So from registration and raffle entering, we hit the bars!

Here's Sara at our first hole at Last Call bar in Brussels.  Now, normally in golf, you want complete silence you so can concentrate, but that was freaking Sara out, so she asked us to talk about anything to distract her.  Which brings up a good  point.  Actual golf skills do not help in Pub and Putt.  Maybe Wii golf skills help, but not real skills.  Like all tailgating games, you actually get better with a couple beers, so golfers, two shots before you first hole will do wonders for your game!

Here I am teeing off at AJ's Bar in Brussels.  I only remember this bar because they had the best Apple Pie Shots!  Look close and you can see the ball flying over the obstacles.  I came in under par on this one!

Here's Doug playing the hole at Main Street bar in Hardin.  You have to get your ball through all the bar stools, and then face the blades of death!

Okay, so it's not exactly blades of death-it's a ceiling fan with two blades set on low, but that's still really fast!  This is not your friendly putt-putt windmill.  I was just trying to get my ball in the hole without losing my head!

Staying hydrated is very important during Pub and Putt, so Kristen and I took a minute for some shots at Straight Home.

This is a Pub and Putt tradition-Doug doing his famous between-the-legs-shot at The Old Fill-in Station in Batchtown.  He would like the record to show that his score was adversely effected by his choice of putting style.  Which really means-I BEAT MY HUSBAND IN PUB AND PUTT!!

Finally, here's Team I'd Tap That (the original) outside Longnecker's in Batchtown.  Happily everyone arrived safely with all limbs intact and ready to take on the night.  While we didn't win the coveted green vests (much like the green jackets for the Master's Tournament) or the equally coveted beer can trophy (for the worst score), we had a great time.

Remember, this was all for a cause!  If you want to learn more about Team Kendall and their quest for a cure, click here.  If you want to learn more about Lupus, check out the Lupus Foundation of America.  If you want to be on my Pub and Putt team next year, leave me a comment or email me at misstiffreads at gmail dot com.

Happy Reading (or putting!)

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