Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Storytime Ever!

I did not deem this the best storytime ever, one of my little rascals did.  After the program was over, he walked into the back workroom and told my co-workers with hands in the air "that was the best storytime ever!!", then walked back out.  Later I learned that the little stinker had eaten five little cups of Cheerios, so I think that might have had something to do with it.

During the Winter 2009 session, my goal was to do story telling in every storytime, and this program was My Senses.  I'll start with the activity and work my way backward.  Instead of a craft, each child received a Sense Passport and, with their parent or caregiver, went through each station and checked off the senses.  Here's a breakdown of each station:

1.  Taste:  Cheerios in ketchup cups.  I also had that box ready just in case someone had allergies, so parents knew exactly what was in there.

2.  Smell:  Perfume sprayed on cotton balls kept in ketchup cups.  I just grabbed whatever I had at my house and sprayed the cotton balls down.  One little boy said my linen spray smelled like toilet bowl cleaner.  You can't please them all.

3.  Sight:  I put out a few copies of Monet prints, like Waterlilies and such and had them describe the colors.

4.  Touch:  I took three empty Kleenex boxes (the square ones with the oval opening) and stuffed different items inside like a sponge, egg beater, and stuffed reindeer.

5.  Sound:  The kids just listened to a big seashell.

Funny but sad sidenote:  The day before this storytime my grandma passed away, but I had this program and another one the next day, so I didn't go home for a couple days, rather just did my job.  When I showed up at work in the morning with three full Kleenex boxes and started furiously pulling Kleenex's out, my co-workers almost sent me home, until I explained that, no I was not super-weepy, I just needed empty Kleenex boxes.  It was a hard couple days, but I was really excited about the programs I had planned, and I knew that my grandma would want to me do my job and have some fun.  Now the time I tried to get out of an appendectomy for a tooth fairy program was just plain stupid, but that's a story for another day.

Back to the passports!  Here are some JPEGs that you are welcome to use for your own sense passports.  If you would like the Publisher file, just email me at misstiffreads at gmail dot com and I will send them right to you!


Now that you have the activity ready, let's do the storytime!

Tell Me a Story:  My Senses
Preschool Storytime

Opening Song:  Bendable, Stretchable by Georgiana Stewart

Seven Blind MiceOpening Rhyme:  Dance Your Fingers Up
Dance your fingers up, dance your fingers down
Dance your fingers to the side, dance them all around
Dance them on your shoulders, dance them on your head
Dance them on your belly, and now put them to bed.

Story:  Seven Blind Mice adapted from book by Ed Young
(Instead of reading the book, I told this story as a flannel board with props.)

Rhyme:  Little Mousie
Here’s a little mousie, peeking through a hole.
Peek to the left, peek to the right
Run back in, there’s a cat in sight!
Sleepy Boy 
Book:  Sleepy Boy by Polly Kanevsky

Rhyme:  Guess Who?
Growl, thud, roar, roar!
Who’s that knocking on my door?
Pound, stomp, scratch, scratch
Who’s that wiggling my latch?
Can a pig be at my door?
No it can’t cause pigs don’t roar!
Can a cow be wiggling my latch?
No it can’t cause cows can’t scratch!
Roar, scratch, growl, growl,
And I know it’s not an owl!
I think I know who it might be,
A friendly lion visiting me!

Book:  Five for a Little One by Chris Raschka

Rhyme:  Five Senses
Eyes to see with, ears to hear with
Nose to smell with, tongue to taste with
Feet to run with, hand to touch with
I’m a lucky child!

Book:  Forest Friends Five Senses by Cristina Garelli

Rhyme:  Squirrel Song (tune, She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain)
I’ll be gathering all the acorns till they’re gone
I’ll be gathering all the acorns till they’re gone
I’ll be gathering all the acorns, gathering all the acorns
I’ll be gathering all the acorns till they’re gone
I’ll put them all inside my little home
I’ll eat the nuts until the winter’s gone

Activity:  Sense Passports

And there you have it.  The best storytime ever as judged by one little rascal in my storytime group.  Let me know how your five senses adventure goes!

Happy Reading and Happy Weekend!

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