Monday, August 13, 2012

The Night Fairy

The Night Fairy 

Little Flory is a young night fairy, but she is injured by a bat, and now her wings are gone.  She hides in the bird house of a giant and learns to be a day fairy, because she is now afraid of bats.  But being a day fairy is difficult and she must learn to deal with the other animals, like birds, squirrels, and insects.  She makes a cozy little house and actually becomes quite happy, then she meets the hummingbirds, and her desire to ride a hummingbird takes her on a late night adventure that teaches her that maybe she can overcome her fears and still be a night fairy.

This is a simple, sweet story.  Flory is a darling character that is a perfect fairy, a little mischievous and daring, and quite feitsy as well.  She does interact well with the other animals, like Skuggle the squirrel and her relationship to the hummingbird is quite touching near the end.  Her home is wonderful, with the little hammock and grass baskets and will lead to many reader's drawings of a perfect fairy house.  

This book reminds me a little bit of Miss Hickory, the 1947 Newbery Award Winner.  They both have rather odd characters that have to adapt to a new surrounding and make friends with some unlikely companions.  Thankfully, this book doesn't end with Flory being reabsorbed into a hickory tree, so it has a much more satisfying ending.

Fairies are all the rage with some young readers, what with those sugary Daisy Meadows fairy books out there.  (Sidenote:  Did you know that Daisy Meadows is not a real person?  Nope, just a cutesy name thought up by a clever book packager.  It's like finding out about the Easter Bunny, right?)  Give this book to a Rainbow Fairies reader so they get a little substance with their sugar.

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